We live in a society where everything in our lives is documented through social media.  This can all happens just from our phones after snapping a picture and then sharing.  Some people can even admit to posting more photos of their dogs than their spouses!

So who's in the dog house then?  Apparently there is a new study from Rover.com shows that dog owners are obsessed with taking photos of their dogs.  The study reveals that  65% of dog owners admit to taking more photos of their dogs than of their significant other.  Care to know another interesting tidbit about man's best friend and their owners?  Almost half of these people confess that it's harder to leave their dog for a week than their significant other.

Well...personally I am with these people 100%.  I mean have you seen my Honey?!  My phone is full of pictures and videos with her!

Credit: Christine Manika (TSM)
Credit: James Manika

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