NOTE: This article was written on Friday, but in light of what happened on Sunday in San Francisco, it seems appropriate to re-run the article. A 49ers fan fell to his death at Candlestick. Witnesses say the man appeared to be intoxicated when he fell.

I'm not sure if you've been to a NFL game lately and walked into the bathroom, you'll probably buy into my argument from the jump.

Now I have been spoiled over the last five years having the ability to be in the pressbox and experience civilized individuals go about their work and observe a NFL game without involving over use of alcohol and acting as if we were cast to play a role on "Animal House".

I also want to make clear that I understand its the minority that ruins it for the majority.  There are only a small portion of the attendance that feels the need to start fights, slur vulgar language and be "puking guy" but in the end, those actions spark my reasoning for by position.

The NFL needs to limit alcohol sales at NFL games, plain and simple.

Create a system where each patron is only given two drinks per game.  I'm sure the suits in the league office could come up with suitable way to make that work and implement a process.

Are there going to be people who cheat the system? Absolutely, people cheat the system everyday in all walks of life.  But at least you would decrease the percentage of idiots who are drunk beyond belief and caution others as well.

Is it sad that this is where we are it in society?  Of course it is, but when you have fans allowing their children to drink, other fans tipping over cars and fights becoming the norm in upper level sections across the league with alcohol nine times out of ten being involved, rules need to be instituted.

So clean it up, class it up, you pay a lot of money to go to NFL games, the league should realize its their duty to have a safe place to watch their product and at the rate we're going, its becoming less and less safe each year.