This video was posted by Rich Kelzer last weekend of what appears to be young people in the water below the raging falls at the cities namesake park.

On his post Rich states: "Falls Park in Sioux Falls today. With a 5 yr old drowning earlier this yr and a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the city, how is this allowed to go on?"

Also this summer a group of out of town ball players were allowed by their parental supervisors to swim to a rock island just below the falls but just above a low head dam. Low head dams are killers. Once people go over the dam, it's impossible to climb out. You roll around in the churn and die.

Ben Davis

Falls Park is a wonderful piece of natural beauty that has existed here long before people arrived. There now seems to be a question of whether it should be fenced off to protect people from themselves? Or, should we expect individuals to exercise a measure of common sense that would keep them out of dangerous situations? What do you think?