Your car has a lock button, and it might be wise to start using it pronto!

KDLT News is reporting that stolen cars have tripled in the early weeks of 2017. To-date 37 cars have been stolen is Sioux Falls since January 1st. Over the long New Years holiday weekend  alone 15 cars were stolen in the city according to the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Most of the vehicles were unlocked, with the keys still inside. Something many people do this time of year, due to the fact that it's so cold. As you know a number of people choose to keep their cars running, so when they comeback their vehicle is still nice and warm. But now the question becomes, will you comeback to a car?

Not only are vehicles being stolen, items inside vehicles are disappearing. Police say a firearm was taken recently from inside a Sioux Falls vehicle. Law enforcement wants to remind gun owners not to leave your firearms inside unattended vehicles for that very reason.

Hopefully, the wave of stolen cars in the city subsides soon. To illustrate just how bad it's become, during the first 17 days of 2016 Sioux Falls saw just 12 vehicle thefts.

Please remember to hit that lock button every time you leave your vehicle.

Source: KDLT TV

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