It's not every day your hometown triples in population because of an event like this!  It was in the plan for the elevator to collapse, but what about the excavator?


My hometown of Corson, South Dakota is less than 100 in population. The community remains tight, many of us knowing each other for decades.

A lot of those relationships revolved around the former gas station, now Bottom's Up Bar, the Corson playhouse, home to the Might Corson Art Players and the farmers gathering at the original Corson elevator.

One of the members of our Corson Facebook page remembers walking into the elevator, seeing family and friends, the smell of pipe tobacco and a warm welcoming environment. After the elevator was sitting vacant for a number of years, the property and land was recently sold to Soles Enterprises. Ben Soles has been great to get to know. He and his father have been gracious to allow our family to go through the elevator prior to its demise and allow us to collect a few artifacts as a keepsake.

Original Corson SD Post Office 1988 Beth Warden
Corson Centennial Wagon Rides 1988 Beth Warden