Day four of "The Magic Number is 1310" featured Slater Barr and Mary Medema of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Their responsibility is to bring new jobs to our area by either attracting new business here or assisting existing businesses with expansion plans.

The Foundation has eight industrial parks. Six of them are either filled or nearly filled. Park 7, located near the University center is filling at a good pace. Park 8, east of I 229 north of Benson Rd. is under development. It already has a few businesses in it.

When asked about salaries for jobs the foundation has assisted in bringing to our area, Mary Medema reported that most of them start at above "The Magic Number is $13.10."

Attraction and expansion are the aims of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

Canada has been a source for Sioux Falls job creation.  Plus, luring businesses to Sioux Falls is "Survivor"-like in nature. 

To relocate, there must be mutual benefit for the city and the employer.

Sioux Falls Development Foundation not only recruits, but also bolsters existing businesses.

Most positions that are brought to Sioux Falls pay above the $13.10 wage.

Friday on Viewpoint University we will visit with the owner of a staffing and business services company, and a man who has worked for various businesses in our area, assisting them in improving productivity and profitability, both from the employer and employee perspective.

Viewpoint University at 4pm on this website and 1140 KSOO.