The debate is definitely not settled regarding the subject of homosexuality.  Two high ranking officials within the Democratic Party are calling down the fire on a Sioux Falls Pastor for his recent remarks on Facebook

In case you missed it, Sioux Falls Pastor Steve Hickey who also represents District 9 in the South Dakota House implored the medical community to share what they know about the medical and psychological effects of gay sex.

South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Zach Crago and Michael Seargent who is Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee each sent out letters in taking umbrage to Hickey’s exhortations.  In short, the Democratic response is of condemnation.

Zach Crago writes:

"How much more hateful, hurtful victim blaming can Rep. Steve Hickey dish out? We all have friends, family, and neighbors who are in healthy, loving same-sex relationships. They are not asking for any special rights, but to be treated with equal dignity and respect. Hickey should be ashamed for blaming the victims of suicide who had to fight against this kind of hatred every day.
“Rep. Hickey’s disparaging remarks are reprehensible and do not represent South Dakota values. I call on Gov. Daugaard and Republican legislators to denounce Rep. Hickey’s hurtful comments.”

Michael Sargeant opines:

“State Rep. Hickey’s comments about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community are painful, crass and completely unjustified. They serve only as an outlet for his extreme anti-gay views and foster an environment of hatred toward South Dakota citizens.
“Every citizen deserves to be treated with equal dignity and respect. Rep. Hickey has proven that he is dangerously out of step with the views of most South Dakotans. I call on other legislators in the state to denounce these hateful comments and defend the right of all South Dakotans to live the life of their choosing without being vilified by their government.”