South Dakota Democrats gathered to celebrate their hard work on the campaign trail and console their losses last night at their party headquarters for the evening, the ICON events hall in downtown Sioux Falls.

The crowd initially buzzed with laughter, music and light-hearted conversation until approximately 9pm, when election results replaced a rotating slide show and audio of election results replaced upbeat music. The results were not likely a surprise to anyone in the room and the initial upbeat atmosphere was said to be an indicator of the celebration of the amount of work that many had done during the campaign.

Rick Weiland's Concession Speech thanked dedicated volunteers, family, re-stated the dedication of the party to benefit the people of South Dakota, and attempted to put the wind in the sails of those who were discouraged:

Don't be discouraged. Believe Me. Be uplifted by what we have started tonight. What we started 18 months ago. -Rick Weiland


Rick Weiland's post-election interview:

Susan Wismer's post-election interview:

The evening concluded with thanks to volunteers, a suggestion to take a break for a day or two, and a challenge to consider which issues the party should work toward affecting in the future.  The band started again and Rick Weiland along with band members sang their signature songs to wrap up the night.