For the past few years people have been wringing their hands over how to address their fellow man during the time span between Thanksgiving and December 25.  As civil human beings we are hesitating to wish good tidings during a wonderful season.

Should we meekly say “Happy Holidays” so as not to offend non-Christians?  Why is the utterance of “Merry Christmas” by a Christian causing an awkward silence?  Certainly the name of Jesus is a stumbling block to non-Christians at any time.  Also since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, there is no way to avoid the subject.  Without Jesus, December 25th is just another day.

On the other hand, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving are included in this period of time where people stop their regular lives and commiserate with family and friends.  Those days are meaningful and people treat them with a certain amount of respect.  Wanting happiness for someone no matter on what day, holiday or not is a good thing.

The solution to this problem regarding the outreach of positive feelings toward other humans isn’t hard.  Extolling a blessing upon someone appears to be the answer.  Because if you do the opposite, that’s called a curse.  Genius!  No-brainer here, gang.  “Blessings to you during this holiday season.”  Who wouldn’t agree with that?  Maybe some sadistic troll with a heart the size of a Christmas cookie crumb would reject a blessing.  The test run so far has been in the affirmative.  I’ve gotten blessings back from my guinea pigs to this point and not one lump of coal.  Try it.  May you be blessed.