If you are somewhat familiar with the Bible, the book of Daniel tells the history of Israeli exile in Babylon.  A portion of that book is devoted to the ability of a man named Daniel’s ability to interpret the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar.

The similar first name is all I will claim in the ability to be compared to someone from that period in history.  However, I do have a dream to share.  Research shows that 95-99 percent of dreams are forgotten.  Thus remembering one particular dream in vivid detail piques my curiosity.  Not knowing the exact meaning of this vision is bothersome.  If you have suggestions, feel free to share.  This dream came to me a few weeks ago, though I never recorded any of the details until now.

It’s me lying on my back under a dark blue heavy blanket covered head to toe with arms folded across my abdomen.  A large bird has perched on top of me.  I feel the talons squeeze my left arm, but the sharp edges do not penetrate the blanket.  The bird also takes the blanket in its beak near my head and slightly lifts up the cover, though not enough to expose me.  It’s as if the bird is tending to a nest.  There is no threat or attack from this bird of prey.  Before the bird alights, the scene flashes to a view of the entire nondescript bedroom that reveals the bird is a bald eagle.  The eagle soon departs and I emerge from the blanket.

What does this mean?  The symbolism of the eagle could take us down numerous channels.  The eagle has meant courage, majesty, action or protection through different cultures.  It is a bird that has universal respect.  Imagine if a different type of bird or animal were the pivotal figure, the entire connotation of the picture is altered.  Regardless, to whom is this message directed?   My guess is that the eagle is a prompt of some sort.  By not attacking but merely disturbing the subject, this could be either a warning or an encouragement.  It could also be nothing.  For now, I’ll just prepare for an opportunity when the need arises.  Also thanks for delving into one man’s nocturnal musings.