An announcement from the Minnehaha County Republican party is funny and pathetic. They don't like the "legislative coffee" format in Sioux Falls.

Manny Steele, a current legislator, is concerned the audiences at these events are too liberal and conservatives are not able to ask questions.  County Party leadership raised concerns with two of the main sponsors, Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters. They were not satisfied with the response.

The Minnehaha County Republican Party is leaving the community sandbox and creating their own.  Not sure where they are going to meet, but based on the expressed sentiments, it probably will be in a cave somewhere with guards checking for proper identification at the door.

Leadership at the Chamber must be smiling. It is the first time in recorded history they have been accused of being too liberal.

I don't like the format at these "coffees" either. Not because of an alleged liberal bias. These events are too structured and therefore controlled. There is no opportunity for dialogue, regardless of political philosophy. Organizers and elected officials avoid any  in-depth give and take.

Some Minnehaha Republican legislators are afraid to explain, justify, or learn from people with differing opinions. I feel badly for them, and us, as dialogue on important issues will be lost.