If you're going through tough times right now and don't think life is worth living, best selling author Dr. Ken Druck offers a message of hope!

Dr, Druck, author of the best selling book The Real Rules of Life, tells KSOO Radio:  "We have to remember that grief has a life and a time table all its own.  We have to be patient, kind, encouraging, compassionate---that's the way things move forward one breath at a time.  Those of us who think there is a quick fix are going to feel like a failure because it really takes as long as it takes.  We have to be patient.  We have to continue to do good things to help ourselves.  We have to do the things that are helpful and we have to avoid the things that aren't really helpful to someone grieving.

Dr. Druck speaks from personal experience.  His personal journey through tragedy after the death of his daughter Jenna led him to discover the secrets of how we survive life's worst losses and uncover its hidden opportunities for spiritual deepening, renewal, discovery, meaning, and even joy.