Workforce composition in America is predominately employees going to work for someone else.  Surveys among this group indicate a growing dissatisfaction with their work status.

That’s where Dr. Shelley Reciniello steps in to shine the spotlight on how to improve the supervisor/subordinate dynamic and in turn make a more productive workplace.  “I think we have a crisis in our country because we have all of these employee engagement surveys coming back telling us that 80 percent of our employees are miserable at work.”

Dr. Shelley joined KSOO’s Viewpoint University’s Rick Knobe for a discussion which pinpoints the proper ways for bosses to motivate their employees.  “People need to be paid fairly for the work that they’re doing, but we also need to provide that person with respect, understanding and give them an opportunity to express themselves.  At the end of the day, they want to feel that what they’re doing contributes.”

Being a Doctor of Psychology, Dr. Shelley has discovered that many folks actually enjoy working.  “People do well when they work.  We can see already that people don’t do so well when they retire or if they’re kicked out of their job and they can’t work.  When people feel that they can do something that makes sense or that other people appreciate, they feel good about themselves.  That’s all anybody ever wants.”

Her latest book is called “The Conscious Leader: 9 Principles and Practices to Create a Wide-awake and Productive Workplace.”  To learn more about her work visit or click here.

To hear the full radio interview follow the links below.

In Segment 1, Dr. Shelley explains what employees want and it’s not just about money.  

In Segment 2, Dr. Shelley says successful leaders are acutely aware of the dynamics within their organization.  Hence, they are “Conscious Leaders.”