Congress is back in session and South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem resumes her duties representing her constituents.  

She took some time between votes to catch up with Rick Knobe and Viewpoint University on Tuesday.  Noem says the first order of business is to fund the government with both chambers needing to compromise.

“The House did 7 or 8 of our appropriations bills and sent them over to the Senate which would make sure government operations would be funded for the next fiscal year.”

There still are some negotiations to take place between the House and Senate and Noem resolves to get the work done.  If there is a hang-up, a temporary Continuing Resolution or sweeping Omnibus bill needs to be in place by December 11.

(Kristi Noem SD-R)

Noem would go with the Omnibus option because of key projects in South Dakota that would get funds established.

“We were able to attach language in those appropriations bills which stops the EPA from going forward with changing the definition of navigable waters.  It also stops them from putting the Sage Grouse on the endangered species list.  We were also able to get $31 million extra put into the rural water fund so that will help Lewis & Clark get more funding.”

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Noem throws her support for the Omnibus bill to fund the government through the next fiscal year.

The military Authorization bill is also on the agenda and Noem says the need for readiness is extremely important.