Gaylynn Huber of Sioux Falls Streets says his crews have been on the job since midnight!

Huber tells KSOO Radio: "the emergency routes are looking pretty good.  We are now on the secondary routes.  Our biggest difficulty is the number of trees on the streets.  I have 11 crews trying to clear the roads.  There are trees and large branches  on the streets.  We are dispatching one of the 11 crews to try and open those up---at least to keep the driving lane open.  Our big mission today (before the snow comes in) is getting the trees off every street.  When the snow arrives, we'll be able to clear the streets."

To report downed trees on the streets, Gaylynn Huber says the number to call is 367-8255. "We will put you down on the list. On Tuesday, we had 450 people calling us.  The list is considerable.  But, we are doing our best to respond."