The award winning independent film, "Chasing Ice", illustrating how climate change is affecting eons old glaciers and therefore our planet, may be nominated for an Oscar. The film is fascinating to watch for a number of reasons.

For techies, there is the equipment and computers needed to take time lapse photos in a very harsh environment. For lovers of the raw power of mother nature, the video is amazing as we view chunks of ice, larger than buildings and even towns, breakaway(calve) from the main glaciers.

For believers and non believers of man's impact on the planet, there is much to see, hear, absorb, and contemplate. Is the current climate cycle more dramatic? Is there anything man can do to lessen the effects? What should we prepare for? Extreme cold or heat? Bigger storms causing more damage? Fewer plants and animals to nurture and sustain us?

"Chasing Ice" was the brainchild of James Balog. He was doubtful about man's impact, and wanted to learn more. What he discovered changed his view.

I watched the movie Sunday night in Sioux Falls. It was a part of the Cinema Falls film series. I am not a tree hugger, but have tried to live my life in harmony with nature.

After viewing the movie last night, I turned my home thermostat down one more degree. It is now set at 65. Sweat socks and sweaters feel good.

Next on my agenda is developing a plan to burn less gasoline

A small step to help solve a huge problem.