The sentence given to Ariel Castro, the Cleveland, Ohio man who admitted to holding three women captive for more than a decade, will have to be enough.

Castro's sentence is life without parole plus one thousand years, after he admitted to 937 counts to avoid being put to death.

It's going to be easy to say life in prison is not enough, and I understand that, even though I'm not particularly blood-thirsty when it comes to the death penalty.

And it does seem like putting this monster on trial, while it might be satisfying to see him squirm, would possibly traumatize his victims and their families again.

Now, he told the judge at his sentencing that he's not a monster, but there's plenty of evidence that he's even worse than that, given the way he beat and starved a pregnant woman to make her miscarry.

And that's while he raped his hostages and forced them to do who knows what unspeakable things in that chamber of horrors?

For the three women, I hope they are able to put those years in the past and live the lives they deserve.

For Ariel Castro, the worst possible prison experience is what he deserves. What he gets, I guess, will depend on prison administrators and his fellow inmates.