I saw a story that made the old farm kid in me cringe.

It happened in western Minnesota, but the same kind of thing could happen in South Dakota or just about anywhere else in farm country.

The Associated Press story says a couple from Olivia, Minnesota died of injuries they suffered when their vehicle struck a parked piece of farm machinery that was parked along a rural road.

The story didn't say what type of machinery, but it had been left along the shoulder of the road and it stuck about two feet into the traffic lane.

The people who were killed, both in their 70s, were in the front seat when their vehicle struck the farm implement.

Having grown up on a farm many years ago, I know, as I said, this sort of thing can happen. Machinery is parked along a road and someone driving past either doesn't see it or doesn't drive far enough around it. The result can be tragedy.

There's no good resolution for this except to say "Be careful about where you park machinery" and "Be careful as you drive."

Safety is up to all of us.