We've all seen them; those people who always seem upbeat, happy and hopeful, even when those around them aren't.  What's the secret?  Author and Motivational Speaker Rico Racosky says they choose to be that way.

Rico tells KSOO Radio:  "We're conditioned to think happiness is elusive, rare or even unnatural, but in reality, happiness is there for the taking.  Happy people keep smiling despite a struggling economy, workplace or personal issues, and even the weather."

The bottom line is CHOICE!  "A stop sign is two choices---you're either going to stop or you're going to roll through it.  We have choices everywhere.  In sports we have choices.  It's either in bound or out of bounds.  The same thing with happiness.  You are two choices right here at this moment.  You either chose to either try and be a little bit happier or you choose to be upset and angry.  Everybody on the planet has the power of choice."

Check out the audio interview with Rico Racosky and learn more about the power of choice!