Recent polling shows that a vast majority of Americans think Congress is doing a lousy job, most disapprove of the President's job performance and a majority of us think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

We've seen a federal government shutdown, a terrible roll-out of Obamacare, a scandal over money and visas in Pierre and even concerns that Sioux Falls' mayor shouldn't be involved in development projects that he or his administration may need to approved, regulator or monitor.

There's trouble across our fair land, state and city, democracy-wise.

It's easy to complain about these issues and others but what do we do as citizens to make local, state and national government better--more democratic, more responsive, more transparent, more effective?

Viewpoint University Chancellor Rick Knobe and I have talked about some of our own ideas over the past few months to try to improve government. Rick has his "Knobe Amendments" following the shutdown that would force Congressmen and women to pass a timely federal budget or not get paid. I think the big problem is too much unaccounted for and unlimited money in politics.

What are your solutions to make all our governments work better and in all the peoples' interests?

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