As cold as the weather is going to get Sunday and Monday in the Sioux Empire—wind chills of 50 to 60 below zero—it could be worse, according to KDLT-TV chief meteorologist Brandon Spinner.

He says International Falls and Duluth, Minnesota could see wind chills of 75 degrees below zero.

Nonetheless, Sioux Falls area temperatures will be as cold as he’s ever seen in his meteorology career, with air temperatures in the minus 25 degree range Sunday and Monday. Spinner says his weather colleagues add that it’s an extraordinary stretch, even by South Dakota standards.

Spinner says, simply, it will be dangerous to be outside in such extreme conditions.

The TV weather forecaster says this weekend’s weather will go from bad to worse, with 40-50 miles per hour gusts Friday night and blowing snow leading into Sunday and Monday’s arctic blast.

He does say there is one small benefit to the terrible temperatures to start the new week—it will be too cold to snow.

Spinner made his comments Friday on KSOO’s Viewpoint University.