Have you raked leaves yet?

I have to admit, I haven't, even though most of the leaves have dropped from our two ash trees.

Truth be known,  our trees aren't the best-looking in town, or even on our block.

They leaf out fairly late in the spring and when fall comes, they can't wait to drop them. And although they aren't that big, they do drop a lot of leaves, so I wind up with leaf drifts.

But there are a couple of other factors at work here. Many of the leaves on other trees are still green, and I don't rake the leaves myself--I hire it done.

I have enough issues with mobility and arthritis that I feel perfectly justified in paying someone else to pick the leave up. If I didn't have a riding lawnmower, I wouldn't do that, either.

But if many of the other trees have green or nearly green leaves, do you think I'm going to shell out money to clean up our yard and leave us wide open for the neighbors' leaves to accumulate?

Not on your leaf-blower.

So let the leaves fall. They'll get picked up eventually. Really.