This is a story that got its start in the hallways of Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls nearly two decades ago. Two classmates, Jordan Taylor and Barry Putzke, would eventually pursue different career paths, but end up in the same place - Portland, Oregon - before returning home late in 2016 with a shared dream this time - opening a restaurant.

That establishment, Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, is now up and running in the former Taste of the Big Apple restaurant, on North Main Avenue.

My wife and I tried it recently, and we were not disappointed.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

For starters, they had a decent selection of beer, and I decided to stay local, going with the Lion's Paw Lager  from Sioux Falls' own Fernson Brewing Company. It was the perfect way to begin our inaugural visit - a great tasting, ice cold beer on a hot day. It even earned a rare thumbs-up from my wife, who typically is not a fan of any brew darker and heavier than Miller Lite.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

The food menu featured a good variety of sandwiches to choose from, as well as sides and salads. While deciding what to order on our first trip, we found ourselves already planning  what we would order the next time we came to visit.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

This time, I went with the smoked brisket sandwich with tempura bacon, Carolina BBQ sauce, and pimento cheese, on a ciabatta bun. I loved the thick cuts of beef and the flavors of the bacon, cheese,and sauce.

I am ordinarily not a big fan of ciabatta, but it worked well on this sandwich.

The chips that came with it had just the right hint of barbecue flavor.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

My wife opted for the meatball sandwich with a mixture of beef and pork, with Calabrian chiles, pepperoni sauce, and mozzarella cheese on a ciabatta bun.

Overall, she liked the taste of the sandwich, but thought it could have used a little more cheese.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

One of the biggest hits for her were the french fries. She loved with way the crinkle fries were prepared and thought they reminded her of the kind you get in small town cafes throughout South Dakota.

I shared her enthusiasm for the fries, but not the accompanying dipping sauce, which tasted like a sweetened thousand island dressing.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

Overall, a fine first impression for Sioux Falls newest downtown dining option. One word of warning - steer clear of the extreme west end of the patio on a windy day, there were a few times we were certain our plates and glasses were about to go airborne. There is plenty of covered outdoor seating and some indoor seating as well.

Bread & Circus is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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