When you woke up in Sioux Falls this morning there was a full moon, light breeze, and 45 degrees. A beautiful late March morning right? Well, as we have learned to live with, ever-changing weather conditions in the Upper Plains are common and even with last week’s rain, the state is still experiencing dry conditions. Fires have erupted in the Rapid City area causing evacuations.

National Weather Service Sioux Falls

And such an extreme variation in temps. At the time of posting this article Buffalo, South Dakota was reporting a temperature of 44 while Mitchell had just reached 80 degrees. But that won't be lasting long as a major cold front will be moving through the southeastern part of the state beginning tonight.

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From a clear sunshine day to freezing temps by tomorrow morning. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), we could see a 50-degree drop. And we will still be dealing with the strong winds.

And how early in the year have we reached temps like we are seeing today? Just look over the list below from the NWS.

National Weather Service

Hope you haven't taken your winter coat to the dry cleaners yet. You may want it for Tuesday.

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