If you're in need of food, Pastor Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church invites you to a major bread giveaway Thursday morning.

"We'll probably start giving the bread away around 10:30 to 10:45.  Right now, I understand we'll have about 7 thousand pounds of bread, sweets and bagels.  We certainly appreciate the local bakery donating all of the food.  They do it every week!  We want to get it in the hands of those people that are struggling."

Pastor Hayes says a lot of folks share the bread with others that are in need.

"There is still a need.  I appreciate the people that come to the church and take the food to individuals that can't get out of their houses or apartments because of medical difficulties."

The Big Bread Giveaway takes place in the Faith Temple Parking Lot at 33rd and Western Ave. in Sioux Falls.