Joe Biden proved last night he has a little "man of the street" in him. Rough, not just on the edges, but inside as well.

His constant interruptions and laughing were funny and exasperating. There was a moment when Paul Ryan was speaking and the frowning cranky expression on the Vice President's face was very similar to Jeff Dunham's dummy, "Walter".

Paul Ryan kept his composure, seldom interrupted, and his facial expressions, while animated, were not a distraction.

Having the moderator sit at the table was a huge improvement over the Obama/Romney debate last week. She kept control and asked the best questions I have heard at these events. She brought out some of the human side of these men as they discussed national and international policy issues.

Back to Paul Ryan.

I respect his religious and personal feelings about abortion. At least he does allow for exceptions to the "no" abortion position held by many fellow conservatives.

Yet, it is hypocritical to state the Republican party is the party of promoting personal responsibility and less interference by the government in American's lives and at the same time interfering with a woman's, and man's ability to make difficult personal decisions. Fortunately, no matter who is elected, and who they nominate for the Supreme Court, it is unlikely the "settled" law of Roe v. Wade, will be overturned.

I think, Ryan did a better job of sticking to the format and decorum set up for the debate. I think they both presented their positions well. Neither one made a huge mistake, therefore they did no damage to their respective tickets.

They may have moved the few undecided folks off of center. They did motivate their bases. This country needs and deserves more of this quality of interaction.