Am I the only one who wanted to request a "time out" during the Vice Presidential debate for Paul Ryan so he could run to the restroom?  The way he was gulping down the water between responses reached the point where even my wife commented on how much he was consuming.  You don't suppose he had a catheter in, do you?  Or maybe he's part camel and was just storing it up for later.

And what was with the "swishing" motion whenever he took a drink?  It was almost like he was sitting in the dentists's chair and needed to spit.  Who knows, maybe he did once or twice when the camera wasn't on him.  As my Grandpa used to say, "You know, you never know, you know."

And then there was his opponent - "The Human Hyena."  Not once, but twice, I said out loud to my TV, "Mr. Vice President would you please just shut up."  There were times when it was obvious that he was laughing for no apparent reason.  Maybe he has a rare form of turrets where instead of swearing he laughs.  I do have to admit though that I was somewhat smitten by the whiteness of his teeth.  He sure does have pretty teeth.

So what did the two candidates have to say about the issues?  No clue.  I didn't hear a word they said.  I was to busy laughing while running back and forth to the bathroom.