As hot as the weather was on Wednesday at the Sioux Empire Fair, the contents of the crockpots were similarly steamy during the Celebrity Cookoff.

South Dakota Pork was the gracious hosts of this year’s event which took place in the Arts Building. With Program and Communications Director Stacey Sorlien fixing a delight in the kitchen featuring three kinds of pork on a pizza (none of them pepperoni or Italian sausage), the judges were sampling the offerings from the three contestants with their pork recipe.

Looking to keep the title up north was Dan Scholl who is the newly minted Dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University. He brought a pork shoulder with a variety of peppers and spices that would work well on a tortilla. Barry Dunn was the previous head of that department and last year’s winner but has since taken over as President of SDSU. Scholl was more than happy to represent the Yellow and Blue.

KSFY Television’s combo of Morning Show Co-host Shawn Cable and former Survivor contestant Mitchell Olson brought their own creation. It was a healthy sampling of shredded Barbeque Pork.

Then yours truly furnished a different portion of pork prominently featuring German Sausage from the Blue Bird Locker in Delmont. The “Deustchland Delectables” were rolled into meatball form and stuffed with Velveeta Cheese.

To declare a winner or set up the finishing hierarchy would be immaterial to the entire operation. More importantly, South Dakota Pork was donating money to the charity of each contestant’s choosing, so in that context the winners were Feeding South Dakota, the American Cancer Society and Cure Kids Cancer. Nonetheless each contestant knows how much careful preparation was taken to offer to the panel and a hearty crowd in attendance.

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