It can be a tone setter for your day.  You wake up in the morning and the first thing you hear carries such impact that there is no escape.

For those who go old school, the old wind up clock with the bell clanging away to arouse you from slumber is a harsh start.  Same for the squealing mechanical buzzer pulsing until you slap the snooze bar.

Modern devices make it much more pleasant to get up from a restful night’s sleep.  You can choose the specific song on your mp3 player to get you out of the sack.  Choose from the invigorating like “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor or the patriotic John Phillip Sousa and the “Stars And Stripes Forever.

Other choices could be a relaxing Kenny G “Songbird” or even goofy like “The Streak” by Ray Stevens.  The phrase “clothes make the man” is bandied about for a person’s appearance.  For purposes of attitude, songs setting the tone could be the new wave. Starting your day with "Loser" by Beck is "Flirting With Disaster." (Molly Hatchet)