Relax, bacon lovers, but be prepared to pay more.

Industry experts say rumors and predictions of a pending bacon shortage are not true.

But they do say you could expect to pay more for your three or four strips of bacon with your eggs.

I'll let the Associated Press tell it:

AP Business Writer
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Don't sizzle, bacon lovers.

You'll find plenty of the meat on supermarket shelves in the coming months - just be ready to shell out for it.

The economics of the current drought are likely to nose up prices for bacon and other pork products next year, as much as 10 percent.

But U.S. agricultural economists are dismissing reports of a global bacon shortage that dominated headlines and Twitter feeds last week.

It was spurred by a European trade group's report that said a bacon shortage was "unavoidable" and cited a sharp decline in the continent's pig herd and drought-inflated feed costs.

The alarm was quickly extinguished by the American Farm Bureau Federation as "baloney."