Nerve touching is such an inexact science.  How the body reacts is revealed only in the moment the contact occurs.  We now have an idea about the degree of sensitivity to issues regarding the Northern Beef Packers/EB-5/Richard Benda/Governor’s Office of Economic Development/SDRC saga.

Recently we published the South Dakota Democratic Party call for further investigation into this mess.  In short, the Democrats want Jackley to step aside because of his previous engagements with the people involved and probe further into the missing money.  You can read the request here.

Normally these questions are casually brushed away by the Republicans.  However, it seems that the neural transmitter was struck and Attorney General Marty Jackley felt compelled to respond to this plea in the form of a press release of his own.  Jackley’s text is as follows in its entirety.

"A press release was sent requesting additional prosecutors and resources to conduct further investigation into the already released allegations surrounding the potential diversion of funds from their intended purpose for federal EB-5 loan monitoring.  The release contains no legal or factual basis.  In South Dakota, there are three jurisdictions with potential investigation and prosecution authority over alleged criminal activity including federal, state and local.  There is no basis to support a claim that investigators, including federal (FBI), state (DCI) and local (Sheriff) as well as prosecutors including federal (US Attorney/Department of Justice), state (Attorney General) and local (state’s attorney) have or will do something inappropriate.  The Attorney General’s review of the alleged misconduct has been made public including a $550,000 future fund diversion to federal EB-5 loan monitoring.  Because the EB-5 Program is a federal immigration program governed by federal law and run by federal authorities, the matter has been turned over to federal authorities.  I have turned these matters over to federal authorities and agreed to assist them because I have full confidence that federal authorities will address any inappropriate activities, if they exist, of the federal EB-5 Immigration Program and this loan monitoring matter.  Furthermore, additional opportunity should be given for civil counsel of the respective parties involved to address the recovery of any funds."