Very warm weather is headed our way soon and a recent study indicated that over 50% of children in the U.S. aren't getting enough water. Even when the weather isn't warm, this can be a problem. Dehydration even in a mild form can lead to a plethora of negative physical and cognitive issues including, headaches and poor physical performance.

Water is essential for circulation, metabolism, and waste removal, in other words body processes which keep us alive. Severe dehydration can turn into a deadly situation and it can sneak up on you due to illness, prescription medications, low carb diets, stress, pregnancy, aging, or even simple summer heat.

So here are 6 signs of dehydration you should not ignore:

  1. Increased thirst - The old adage is true that, if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Especially in increased heat, try to drink more water.
  2. Signs of fatigue, confusion or anger - (I must be dehydrated right now!) Studies have found that dehydration can indeed affect your mood and cognitive capabilities
  3. Dry eyes or blurred vision - (Again, I either need a glass of water or a visit to the eye doctor!) Especially if you've been exercising for quite awhile, get watered!
  4. Headaches or disorientation - You might also be feeling dizzy or nauseous
  5. Muscle cramps - You may also need to replenish nutrients along with H2O
  6. Lack of sweat - This indicates a immediate need for water and could also possibly indicate heatstroke. In any case this is extremely serious.

So whether it's you or your kids, make sure everyone is getting plenty of water in their bodies and not just on them this summer!

For more information on the signs and causes of dehydration check out Today Health or

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