There is a big election coming to Sioux Falls April 8th.  Are you ready?

We will decide if Mike Huether get’s to keep the Mayor’s job, or if City Council Member Greg Jamison will replace him.  No one else has come forward seeking the job as of this writing. Also we will get to decide on a swimming pool plan, snow gates, a commercial development which includes a Walmart , zoning ordinances, and three charter revision amendments.

There are two at-large Council seats on the ballot. Councilor Rex Rolfing wants to keep his job in At-large council member “A”. As this is written, two others are circulating petitions for the job. At-large council seat “B” is being vacated. Jim Entenman has decided not to run. Four citizens are currently asking for petitions signatures so they can get on the ballot.  

Two district council seats are up for election. Michelle Erpenbach is the Central District member. At this time nobody has filed paperwork to seek that job. Council member Sue Aguilar has decided not to run again. She is from the Southeast District. One person has filed paperwork announcing their plan to run.  

One Sioux Falls school board seat is also on the ballot. Incumbent Doug Morrison has announced his intention to run again. As of Feb. 11th at noon, no one has filed their intent to run.  

Potential candidates and incumbents have until Feb 28th to file petitions at the City Clerk’s Office in the Carnegie Town Hall on 10th and Dakota, and in the case of the school board, at the IPC on 38th off Phillips Ave.

Ballots will be printed after the deadline and verification of valid signatures.  , the City Clerk's office* has let KSOO a glimpse of what else will be on the ballots via the language of the petitions.

Initiated Measure One deals with mandating the use of snow gates for Sioux Falls snow removal.

Initated Measure Two, if approved, will mandate the construction of an outdoor pool at Spellerberg Park, and set limits on how much can be spent, and when the construction will take place.  

Citizens have referred two City Council actions to a public vote. One deals with the rezoning of property to commercial to allow the building of stores along 85th Street near Minnesota Avenue, including a Wal-Mart at the back of the site.

The other referred measure deals with the total package of zoning ordinances for Sioux Falls. The current zoning ordinances were created in 1983. The new ordinances called “Shape Places” were created over a three year period thru the City Planning Commission, with Citizen input, and approved by the City Council last year.  Many of the people who referred the rezoning at 85th and Minnesota, were involved in referring the “Shape Places” proposal.

Two of the Charter revision amendments deal with when terms begin and end for the mayor and city council members. The third, if approved, would give the council more authority in the hiring and firing of the city attorney. Currently, the Mayor has primary authority in that area.  

This election is very important, We will be electing people to lead us for at least four years. Also we will be deciding on issues which will have a huge impact on the future of our community. So be sure to vote on April 8th at your local voting center and help decide what is best for Sioux Falls.

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming city and school election is Monday March 24th at 5pm.  

Peter Vaughn Pischke contributed to this article.