The possibility of a ban on texting while driving is being discussed again in Mitchell, after Sioux Falls led the way last year and put at least an official ban on the practice..

The Mitchell City Council discussed such a ban last fall, but then put it aside to see what happened with a proposed statewide ban in the Legislature.

But that bill didn't make it out of committee during the session, so it's back.

My counterparts in radio news in Mitchell tell me it was the topic of considerable discussion among council members.

I've said before that such a ban would not affect me directly, since I don't text at all. But if I'm driving and someone who's coming from the other way is distracted by texting or anything else, then it becomes really personal.

Many of the arguments in Mitchell are the same ones you've heard before: that texting isn't the only distraction for drivers, that if it's going to be banned, it should be a statewide action, and so forth.

But the fact remains, it's being brought before the public in another city, and more discussion will take place in Mitchell.

That city might join the list of those taking action.

Will it work? Is it enforceable?

We'll wait and see.