Eric Renegar, a one time drug user and suicide survivor, conducts school assemblies on substance abuse throughout the country.  The Tennessee man uses his experience and street knowledge to focus teens on the destructive world of drugs.

Eric tells KSOO Radio:  "A lot of people out there think kids are hopeless---that they're going to be in all kinds of trouble.  They don't believe in kids today.  I'm going to tell you what  I learned about working with kids.  Kids are probably the most honest people around today. They can pick a phoney out of a crowd!  All kids is want is for someone to love them---to trust them and to be honest with them."

Eric reaches teenagers via the school assemblies he conducts.  "I know there's nothing I can say to make them not to choose drugs, alcohol or suicide.  It's there choice.  But I know if I can share the truth, they have the power of choice---the most awesome power there is.  A lot of people think drugs are always going to be a problem.  So, why should even do drug free assemblies?  I don't believe that at all,  Drug pushers and alcohol manufacturers are doing whatever they can to promote drugs and make them out to be glamorous.  It's our job to let students know how devastating drugs can be.

Aside from his drug use, back in 1990 Eric put a rifle to his jaw and pulled the trigger.  His life would never be the same.  The suicide attempt left Eric with a mission in life.  "When you're sitting in front of 1, 800 students and you have a school administration that says there is no way you will connect with this crowd---there is no way.  Now, the students may not get up and walk out the door and say 'that's it for me---I won't do drugs,'  it may not happen to everyone.  But, if it happens to one of them, it's worth it!"

Eric Renegar, who founded AboutFace Assemblies, is a real survivor who is making a difference with a message of hope!.