Tony Burke of the American Red Cross says the recovery is still underway in Wessington Springs following the June 18th tornado!

"We sit with a lot of community leaders in the town addressing some of their unmet needs.  That's a long process.  We are one of the stake holders that sit at a table with local leadership along with a lot of non profit groups discussing what is needed going forward in rebuilding Wessington Springs."

Burke says donations continue to pour in!

"At this point, I know there has been around 150 thousand dollars that's been brought into that community.  All the players at the table will decide how we can rebuild this town."

Burke says a number of committees are involved in the recovery efforts.

"Spiritual and Health groups are among them.   We are focusing on helping those folks whose lives have been shattered.  Mental health is a concern as storms continue to roll through---triggering people's memories of what happened on June 18th."

The tornado destroyed 15 homes and damaged another 44, displacing nearly 40 people.