The survey sample is extremely small, but there are actual 9 to 10 year old kids who don't recognize the media machine that is Taylor Swift.  It sounds impossible.  With tools such as Youtube and ipods, along with old school means like magazines, television and radio; the perception is that Ms. Swift is everywhere.

The location was a Sunday School class and the event hap4pened during what would be called a community building exercise.  The premise is that the kids get to know more about their classmate's likes and dislikes by using some simple questions.  One of those being, "Who is one person from the past that you would most like to meet?"

Of course, these are youngsters.  There should be a lower expectation of closely following directions.  The shocking part is that amongst the answers of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther someone slipped in Taylor Swift.  Even stranger is the krinkled-nose reaction of, "Who's Taylor Swift?"

No outrage or drama occurred as a result.  Although a couple girls tried to recite the lyrics of "You Belong With Me" and specifically "she wears short skirts, I wear sneakers" returned by a blank stare from a 5th grade boy.  From personal experience it would be someone who is in the range of 40 years of age now oblivious to Y.M.C.A. back then.

Put in those terms, there's no shame in that.