Mayor Huether, City Council leaders, Jim Entenman and Dean Karsky, believe taking money from FEMA is OK.

I asked them about it during interviews on Viewpoint University KSOO radio. I disagree and stated my views during those interviews.

The ice storm in April put us on the FEMA radar screen. Even though we had no major public or private property damage, no lives we lost, and the city has adequate money in a reserve account, we qualify to receive the payback, to replenish our already plush fund balance.

Total cost of the local clean up effort is about $10 million, according to city staff. FEMA money will cover about $6 million of that, with some funds coming from the state.

From my perspective, here is the problem with taking federal funds: About $2.5 million of those dollars will be borrowed. The federal government currently has to borrow about $.42 of every dollar it spends. That is why we are deficit spending nearly $1,000,000,000,000 this year. Our total U.S. debt is over $14,000,000,000,000.

Why should Sioux Falls be a part of that problem? I know we qualify for the money, but does that mean we should take it? Why should we take the money when we know our children to will have to pay for the tree clean up from April in 2013 ice storm, when they pay federal taxes in the future?

I respect Mayor Huether, Jim Entenman, and Dean Karsky. They are intelligent human beings. I have not talked directly with the other members, although according to quotes, Rex Rolfing, Kermit Staggers, and Greg Jamison share some of my concerns.

I am going to communicate directly with council members, Kenny Anderson, Sue Aguilar, Michelle Erpenbach, and the others mentioned above, on this subject. I am going to encourage them to look at the bigger picture.

Understand we elected them to look out for Sioux Falls. However, I think there is a higher calling. Looking out for the best interest of the country should, in my opinion, be part of their responsibilities. Taking money from a broke federal government does not make sense to me.

What do you think?