If the threat of COVID-19 creeping into area classrooms isn't scary enough, students, parents, and school officials in the Alcester-Hudson School District in South Dakota had to contend with a bomb threat on the first day of classes too.

Dakota News Now is reporting a school in the Alcester-Hudson District received a fake bomb threat on the first-day students who were scheduled to head back to the classroom.

District Superintendent Tim Reed told Dakota News Now his office received an email late Tuesday night that included a bomb threat against the school for Wednesday (August 19).

Reed immediately got in contact with Alcester police and the Union County Sheriff’s office. Both law enforcement branches conducted a search of the school in question and secured the district's other buildings. Following a comprehensive search, authorities deemed the threat not to be credible.

According to Dakota News Now, classes in the Alcester-Hudson District went on as planned Wednesday. Police did have an officer present at the school as a safety precaution that day.

The district also notified all the parents in the district of the bomb threat situation.

Source: Dakota News Now

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