Families are broken.  Communities are devastated.  A nation mourns.  Anyone with even an ounce of good within them is staggered by the deaths of children at the hands of a man in Connecticut.

The next day dawns and the questions and feelings remain unanswered.  On Friday, Rick Knobe of Viewpoint University on KSOO drew from professionals in a quest to explore his feelings and search for solutions.  Many people are currently doing the same.  So as this tragedy affects you, take some time to be introspective.

To assist us in that effort, Knobe called upon Amy Hartman.  She is the Employee Assistance Program Manager with Avera Behavioral Health in Sioux Falls.  Hartman encourages people to communicate with each other and speak about the things that are troubling.  The tragedy hits home for everyone especially since children were involved in this ordeal.

Amy Hartman Explains the Feelings Triggered By the Shooting

Another aspect is the spiritual side of how this plays into our lives.  Knobe spoke with Pastor Aaron Asmus of Memorial Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls and the involvement of God in this disaster.  Asmus explains the relationship with God and his creation.  It was once perfect, but through free will man chose a different path.  Instead of a harmonious relationship, there is division.  However as Christmas Day approaches, this season reminds us that God returned to his creation in the form of Jesus to repair that rift.

Pastor Aaron Asmus Speaks of Creation’s Fall and God’s Plan

The aim is to help people who are distraught by the events at an elementary school in Connecticut.  Please take it and use it for good.