In a recent report, KELO-TV talked about how local Sioux Falls families are struggling. And with the holiday season just around the corner, some may face a year without Christmas.

Now some organizations, like the St. Francis House, are looking for residents to help out those that have less this season.

In the story, KELO-TV talked to Deborah Burns, who was 'adopted' after moving to Sioux Falls from Floriday without a source of income.

"Children, they're innocent; they don't know. To them, it's an exciting time.  They get that new toy, that new bike or that new tricycle, or whatever, you know.  But what they don't understand is that the parents, it's hard on them and if you're homeless on top of it, it just compounds the problem. That's why it's just so, I don't know, a Godsend for lack of better way of putting it when someone wants to come along an adopt someone," Burns said.

You can watch the complete report above, or read it on the KELO-TV website.