Muzak is going by the boards--not the "elevator music" itself, but the brand name.

The "New York Times" is reporting that the owner of the name, something called Mood Media, will drop the Muzak name, although the service, we're told, will continue.

Of course, when you hear the word Muzak, you might just reflexively fall asleep. It's what we all think of.

Turns out, though, Mood Media (based in Toronto) provides other services in addition to background music, and at one time Muzak itself had several hundred employees at its headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

And for the past few years, the company has employed studio musicians to record the music and has not relied on the music of other artists--you know, Mantovani, Kenny G and their ilk.

Imagine you've been working as a studio musician for Muzak.

Do you say you had a long, grueling day at work?