Royalty-free Image: Oak tree in spring with backlit lend flareExperts with the City of Sioux Falls say it's been a tough year for trees, and trees in our area have been subjected to weather-related stress since last winter.

Park Forestry Supervisor Duane Stall says the mild winter caused some tree species to break dormancy, only to be knocked back by freezing temperatures.

The dry spring was followed by a dry and hot summer and you know the rest. Now the trees are severely stressed.

Sioux Falls residents are being encouraged to water the trees in their care that are showing signs of moisture stress. especially newly-planted trees.

Moisture-stressed trees have lighter-colored foliage with browning margins.

On some trees, the leaves have even curled and fallen, which is a sign of severe moisture stress that Stall says can lead to dieback and can even kill the trees.