We were in the grocery store the other day when I heard a store page describe our car. It didn't happen the way the picture shows, but a store parking lot can seem this crowded on the day before Thanksgiving.

You know--"Will the owner of a silver..." and they even spelled out our license plate number.

When I reported as instructed, I was hoping my wife and I were in line for free groceries or something, but no such luck.

A motorist had hit our car and another in the parking lot, and then drove away.

But an alert witness who saw it all got the license number and police were called.

It wasn't a lot of damage to our car, but it was damage nonetheless and it was noticeable.

Information has been exchanged and now I have to get a body shop estimate.

But if not for an alert witness, I would be scratching my head and wondering what had happened to our car.

So thank you very much, witness. You did the right thing and we appreciate it.