I'd like to introduce you to a Sioux Falls woman who battled depression for several years.  Her name is Abby Erickson!

Here's what Abby told me about the depression that was controlling her life.

"I felt very, very alone even though I was surrounded by family and friends.  When you're in a place of depression, you feel alone...like no one is there and no one else understands.  It's very, very scary!"

Fortunately, while in the grips of depression, Abby discovered a new treatment for depression at the Avera Behavioral Health Center.

"All of a sudden it just hit me---something I had seen on the Dr. Oz television program.  I went straight home and goggled it.  I was able to find an article on the website about TMS."

Dr. Matthew Stanley with Avera Behavioral Health Services describes the treatment.

"It stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.  The treatment uses focused magnetic pulses to target the left prefrontal cortex---one area of the brain that is thought to regulate mood---and bring it to its normal function, helping to alleviate depression symptoms."

Dr.  Stanley says the patient response to the treatment is phenomenal!  Abby Erickson totally agrees!  Following several weeks of TMS, the Sioux Falls woman says the therapy saved her life!

"My life today is awesome!  I totally love life!"