This is for all the people with siblings out there.  Sorry only children, you get left out of this one.  It isn't always about you! (Just kidding.  Only children are fine.)

Anyway, I have a brother and I think boy/girl siblings have a few things that happen differently than same sex siblings.

Most notably, getting mistaken for a couple.  Like a romantic couple!

It happens to my brother and me all the time.  So annoying.  And no, we are not a weird lovey dovey family that hugs and stuff.  We don't do anything that looks remotely romantic. Well, I guess we fight so maybe that is why we get mistaken for a couple. Whatever the reason, it is gross and weird.

Besides that, most of these things that only siblings understand can be interchangeable between any variation of siblings.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for yet another humorous, enlightening, and relatable video.

My brother would like me to note that I didn't force him to eat a candle (as mentioned in the video), but I did throw a jarred candle at him once.

Sorry.  You're fine. Get over it already.

All in all, even though at times you wished you were an only child, siblings are your allies in life.  I wouldn't want it any other way.