This was a very different Easter for me, and not just because of the snow. For the first time in almost 3 decades, I spent it alone. I have spent it with immediate family until I had no more "immediate family" to spend it with. Ever since that time, I have had Easter with my BFF Georgie and her family in Harrisburg. I can't tell you how much I look forward to her "Cheesy Taters" and cheesecake every year!

This year she and her husband headed to Nebraska for their grandson's christening, so no cheesecake for me! So I spent the day doing something a little different. I indulged my passion for baking and cooking.  It is something I really haven't done in a while and something that seems to soothe me a bit when I'm feeling down or lonely.

I tried a "no-knead" rustic bread recipe that turned out well; but "no-knead"- -no way!  I worked harder on that loaf of bread than any I've made in my life! The really frustrating thing was reading all the 4 and 5 star glowing reviews of the recipe. Not one person had the issues I did with it! Stupid bread!

I also tried a Cider-brined pork loin recipe which I found in the New York Times food recipe library. Now that was worth the time and effort. It turned out perfect and now I have delicious leftovers for days.

The really fun thing I did on Easter was playing outside in the snow with my dogs, Bella and Zeus. They both love winter and snow, (kind of like their Mom) and Bella loves to eat snow. She'll dive into drifts headfirst and come up with a mouthful she's munching on. How she never ends up with brain-freeze, I don't know! The first snowfall with her is always just the best. The look on her face with the first mouthful of what to her is better than any other treat, is always smile-inducing!

Here are a few pics from our outdoor fun: