If want to hear new political ideas and approaches to the problems facing our country and state, sign a petition for former Senator Larry Pressler and retired Professor Mike Myers. Both men are running for state wide office outside of the restrictive boundaries of the two political parties.They are Independents.

Pressler is running for the open US Senate seat currently held by Tim Johnson. He held that seat for three terms before Johnson won it. Mike Myers is running for Governor, challenging incumbent Dennis Daugaard.

It has been decades since an Independent has been able to get on the ballot in our state. I think it is time to hear different ideas. The only way these men and their ideas will be heard is for them to get on the ballot.

It takes over 3100 valid signatures for an Independent to quality. Over twice as many as needed for a Democrat and 50% more than Republicans..That is the current law.

I hope you will save your signature for their petitions. This country is longing for progress and different ideas to deal with the many challenges we face.

I am not advocating that you vote for either of these men. I am asking you to give them a chance to be in the debates and forums. Getting on the ballot will give them credibility with the media, too. Reporters might actually interview and produce stories including ideas these men have to help fix the nagging problems facing us.

It is a chance to hear new approaches.

All it takes is your signature.