A book filled with a rules written by two cousins is making its way around the internet.

They call it simply "The Book of Rules."

Seems the girls, ages 8 and 10, accidentally dropped the book in a Walmart parking lot just outside of Sacramento.

Fortunately, a worker found the book and returned it, but not before peaking inside and discovering a treasurer-trove of advice.

That's when he contacted the local media to try and find the original owners.  The book is now back in the authors hands.

The little book consists of 157 scribbled rules.  Among them:

  • No stealing
  • Don't color on people
  • Don't call each other names
  • Don't eat before going to the dentist
  • Don't bite the dentist
  • No being gross

And if you break any of the rules - you have to sit by the door for five minutes.