Two nonprofit organizations in Sioux Falls have been awarded grants that will help meet the goals within the City’s Sustainability Master Plan.

The 2018 Sustainability Community Nonprofit Grant Program is a Public Works initiative designed to encourage nonprofit organizations to apply for funding for projects. Goals include waste minimization, water resources, energy, transportation, built and natural environment, and community vitality.

The City of Sioux Falls received two applications and has elected to fund a portion of each applicant’s request. Program funding is $10,000. The grants were awarded to the Furniture Mission and Ecomaniacs Summer Program.

The Furniture Mission of South Dakota will receive funding of $5,500. This amount will help provide 40 families with furniture that has been refurbished, repurposed, cleaned, and delivered. The Furniture Mission repurposes and restores furniture that has been donated by the community and they help keep more than 400,000 pounds of waste out of the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill each year.

Ecomaniacs Summer Program will receive funding of $4,500. With this money Ecomaniacs is set to service Hot Harley Nights and JazzFest in 2018. Ecomaniacs donates dollars to other area not-for-profit organizations to provide litter cleanup and recycling services at summer events. They also provide hands-on recycling education to event attendees.

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